Our Story

How it all started

Playing Questions 2 Outrageous with friends

Questions 2 Outrageous is a game that I created about a year ago. The idea came to me at a party and once we started playing everyone could not stop laughing. They literally didn’t want to stop playing. I started playing it more at other parties and I became hooked with how much I was learning about my friends and the countless laughs the game caused. Since I got so much great feedback, I decided to put the idea in a box. I want to share the laughter with as many people as possible so this is why I created this website.
– Gustavo Ramirez

Why your support is so important

You are critical to spreading the laughter and making this game a reality. We truly appreciate any support no matter how small but we appreciate even more you sharing this game with your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and everyone you think needs more outrageousness in their lives!

As well, we look forward to the role you will play in helping us further develop the game. Whether you provide new outrageous question ideas or game play modifications, your feedback will help us continue the laughter.

Connect with us at the links below. Thanks for being part of the outrageousness!


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