How To Play

Are you ready to play a game that asks the most random, funny, and awkward questions? We hope so because this game is true to its name, Questions 2 Outrageous. Playing will test your memory and require swift judgement of family, friends, or that random person at the party. Simply play and let outrageousness ensue.

Warning! This game can cause uncontrollable laughter and never ending arguments.

How to play:

  • For ages 17+
  • Play with three to an unlimited number of people!
  • Each round, two players pair up and answer 5 questions selecting the question category for each.
  • All questions only have two possible answers, “you” or “me”.
  • A third player draws one card at a time and asks the paired players the outrageous question. The paired players cannot discuss, signal or communicate in any way before answering. The third player counts them down (3, 2, 1) and the paired players reveal their answers at the same time.
  • If the two paired players’ answers agree, each player receives 1 point but if they disagree then they do not receive any points.
  • After 5 questions, two new players pair up and answer 5 new questions.
  • The player with the most points after all unique pairs have played wins the game!

Question categories:

Categories provide specified questions based on the gender and relationship of the paired players. Questions have been divided into the following categories:

  • Men: For when two guys are paired
  • Ladies: For when two ladies are paired
  • Couples: For when the pair is in a relationship
  • Random: For all types of pairs

Get more people involved at once!

  • Have multiple pairs answer the same question simultaneously (you need to make your own “you” or “me” signs for the extra pairs…or order multiple games).
  • Rather than earning points as individuals, each time a pair agrees they earn 1 point.
  • Continue to read questions until one pair gets to 5 points. This pair wins the game!
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